Green Card Renewal

Green Card Renewal

How to renew or replace your Green Card using Form I-90

How to renew or replace your Green Card using Form I-90

The Green Card renewal or replacement process includes the following steps:

Determine if you are eligible to renew or replace your Green Card.

Check the expiration date of your Green Card: if your Green Card expires in 6 months or less than you can start the renewal process.

Complete Form I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, with the help of our services.

Submit Form I-90 online.

If required, submit further evidence.

Receive Notice of Receipt and Appointment Notice.

Go to the biometrics appointment.

Receive written notice of a decision by mail.

Get a new Green card (if approved).

The processing time for Form I-90 Green Card Renewal or Green Card Replacement is approximately six to eight months.

Applying for a Green Card is an overwhelming and complicated process, and any mistakes or omissions may delay the renewal process, sometimes significantly, which may complicate your living and work situation not only for you but your family and/or dependents as well. To avoid any issues, we offer many quality resources, which will guide you as to when and how to apply, renew or replace your Green Card.


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